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 “A one-name study of the Ludlow surname”


Welcome to the Ludlow Family Research website put together by a small group of people who all share the same surname and a quest to learn more about the history of the Ludlow name.  A short history of the origin of the Ludlow Surname has been written by Robin Ludlow of Warminster.

Using the website

If you are visiting the website for the first time we suggest you do the following:

  1. Determine which family line you belong to by searching for yourself or a Ludlow ancestor in our GRO Birth Register Transcriptions  (not all entries have family lines assigned but most births prior to 1911 do,  so try an earlier ancestor if your name gives no family line) – click here for video which shows how to do this.
  2. Go to our Ludlow Family Lines page to see what resources are available for your line and also to view our online family tree for your line.
  3. Contribute by registering for family tree access which will enable you to update, edit and add data to the tree for your line.

dna_bannerYou may also wish to consider becoming a point-of-contact for your family line if we do not have one already – this is a great way to connect with others from your family line.

It is also recommended that you sign up for our newsletter and follow our Facebook page to ensure you are notified of important updates, and also that if you have any questions or comments please do go to our forum and ask there.

Jane Dobson has written a document which provides an extensive summary of Ludlow Family Research source material and a large amount of Ludlow research, by Robin Ludlow of Warminster is available here. A large selection of  Wills, IPMs and Admins are also available online.

Thank you for visiting our website

Website manager & co-ordinator: Glenn Ludlow – email me

Or write to: Glenn Ludlow, 48 Clifford Avenue, Tewkesbury, GL20 7RW, UK

  25 Responses to “Ludlow Family Research”

  1. Hello Glenn, Could you please send me details of my username and password.My house burnt down a few months ago and I lost my details. Thank you. Janet

    • Janet, first sorry to hear about your house I hope that you are all safe. The best way to login is to use the Facebook link to the top right of the page. You will then be able to log in with your Facebook credentials

  2. MY granmother was Kate Ludlow a daughter of Levi Ludlow who was from the Kinsey Ludlows.

  3. Hello Glenn

    My grandad was Wyndham Verdun Luldow and my father is Anthony Charles Wyndham Ludlow.

  4. Hi Glenn

    Thank you some much for the link its fantastic to be able to trace so far back. We have had some additions to our family so not sure how to update it. As for Katie Ludlow I think we met at a family party about 10 years ago but have lost contact. I will try to contact her again via facebook.

    Huge thanks again

    Claire x x

  5. Hi Glenn. I am not a Facebook, Linkedin or Google member so the new login protocol is welcomed. As you may know, I am the son of Basil Ludlow one of five sons of Capt. Ernest Ludlow who is commemorated by a memorial plaque at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London. My father grew up in Greenhithe, Kent raised by his paternal uncle, Arthur ,who owned the Ingress Tavern there. My late cousin Richard Ludlow was, I believe, known to you. My grandfather’s parents were John and Rosita. Basil, who served in the RAF during WW2, moved to Toronto Canada after the war and eventually established himself as a successful architect in that city. He died in July, 2012 aged 95. Besides myself I have two sisters, Vivien and Virginia, who live in Toronto and Collingwood Ontario respectively. I reside in Calgary Alberta. My wife Cheryl and I have two children Kathryn and Stephen and Kathryn is the mother of two young boys Aedan and Ewan Smith whose father, Stuart, hails from Ipswich.
    I appreciate the work you do, keep it up. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
    regards. Ken Ludlow.
    (don’t know if any of the above information helps but I thought I would send it anyway)

  6. Hi Glenn, I have now placed my name on the Cousin Connect system and hope to hear from others on the EDG line. Cheers, Graeme Ludlow.

  7. Hello Glenn:
    I’m not sure if you heard that Alice (Griffiths) Ludlow, wife of Norman, recently passed away. Norman and Alice, of course, lived in Vancouver and did a lot of Ludlow genealogy work in Canada. Norman was my father’s cousin and we are all from the Hill Deverill branch of the Ludlows. Here is the link to her obituary;

    Cheers, Susan Jensen

    • Hi this message is for Susan Jensen,
      I was looking up something totally unrelated….and found that we are related! I am Lorilee Ludlow and Norman was my uncle (my father was Douglas Frederick Ludlow, brother to Norman). I live in Mississauga Ontario. I am interested in finding out about any health history that you may be aware of as I am looking into something currently regarding myself. You may email me at if you would like to connect.

      • Hello Lorilee:
        I would love to contact you but only saw your post a month or two later (we were away in Newfoundland finding more Ludlows!) I actually sent you an email over a month ago – is it possible it got lost in your email somewhere? I will try to give you a call if I can find your phone number or try me at Hope we can connect!

        Cheers, Susan

  8. Hi Glenn,Im 14,Over A period of 5 years My grandad Has Been searching For his Mother Father Any brothers Or sisters ectr,He’s never known them And I would love To Reunite Them Even if Some of them are in their graves,Do you have any info For The Family of Brian David Ludlow??,Please Write back x

  9. Hi Glenn,

    My Mother is Maureen Ludlow born 1938 in Lambeth. Could we be related?

    Kind regards

    Lian Agnew

  10. Liam,

    It would be great to get one of them to take the DNA test. It would enable us to compare your line to others that have already been tested to see if they are related to each other.

    Only one of them would need to do the test, they should all have the same result. Let me know if you would like more details.


  11. I expect that everyone saw the sad news about Robin passing away. However, you may not have seen the obituary that the Telegraph posted which can be found here: I haven’t been able to identify the funeral home so I don’t know if there is an online book of condolences. My wife and I are very glad that we had the chance to meet Robin at the Ludlow Gathering.

  12. I have an Elizabeth Ludlow from Co. Meath in my family tree. Would anyone have any information on this family?

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